True Vital Spring

TRUEYour skin, hair, and eye coloring is medium. Your best color combinations are medium worn with dark. Your best single colors are also medium colors.

VITALEye-arresting rich brown to red-brown hair colors combine with eyes from the blue and blue-purple hue families. Skin tones are soft and coral-pink, light beige, or even tanned.

SPRING: is your season name. It tells you your coloring is warm, vibrant, and active. Your colors are clear, crisp, and warm. Neutrals have a touch of gold.


«Beauty by Jenuique» does not longer exit, but Color Me Beautiful uses the exact same palettes 🙂 

Sincerely Jules, a blogger I found TODAY :)


«I always say to have a couple of stripe tees (long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks) in your wardrobe because they’re so classic and look effortlessly chic. A denim jacket that looks distressed is another one to have in your closet»


This one is pretty nice; 499 from Jean Paul. From 2014. I really like that it´s actually figure fitted – the fashion nowadays really seems to be «shapeless»..


Wow, Zalando had ONE figure fitted sweater with stripes. Do you get my point..?