Amy Adams is according to the page I looked at in the last post; a true spring – like me! That means she can pull off the red hair in a convincingly matter. She’s not a natural redhead, and that probably means I can pull it off as well! We’ll see tomorrow. Aaaah!


Mischa Barton, Mary Kate Olsen (and Ashely duuh), as well as Hayden Panettiere are «soft autumns», and I don’t think that’s too far from me!


Also, I found out that Blake Lively probably is a spring like me! But why does she wear so much white? I can now see that it actually doesn’t suit her like a suit!  But, I still think that it’s awesome that my colors are the same as hers. I’ve always adored them, so that probably means I can look pretty damn good as well! Blonde or ginger 😉



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